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Wednesday, December 31

Unforgettable Moments of 2014

Hey guys,

I decided today was going to be more sentimental today and talk the moments in 2014 the good and the bad that I won't forget.

JANUARY: I'm starting off with a sad one. On the 21st of January this year an amazing friend was taken away from this earth at such a young age. I met her through meeting One Direction and she was such a happy, beautiful person and well I still go out to see them and expect her to turn up with her happy joyous self. She is dearly missed. Love you Magda.

 This ones an obvious one due to the fact I'm born on Febuarary the 16th and the most incredible moment of this month was my party for my 17th because well I was with all my friend and there was cake.

A good old tube picture ey? 

This month was hectic. I lived alone for two weeks and well I kinda sort of met Niall Horan during this month and got my now all time favourite picture with him. Also I met the love of my life more than once and if you don't know who that is its Josh Devine their drummer and he is FINE!!!!!

There is another Niall picture but I prefer the one that's there. Can we tell I like the drummer? 


April is a hard month to choose pictures for because it was a month I didn't do a lot in but there's one picture that sums it all up and it was my favourite picture for a while.

The weather in April was beautiful with VERY few april showers this is a picture Gary took of me during the Easter holiday I believe.

May was yet again another dull month apart from the moment I saw my little brother Reece try and use a Zorb he fell over so much it was hilarious I was in fits of laughter.


June the main moment HAS to be what happened at the beginning of that month which was the one direction concert in wembley.

June ahad a bad ending with me ending up in hospital due to the fact I had apedicitis


July was jam packed including a trip abroad so I'm just going to do a mash up of moments because it was a chaotic one my whole summer was in general.

Throughout the month of July the weather was perfect. The 1st picture was taken Poolside from my holiday to Portugal I will leave links to my youtube down below so you can check out that vlog.
The second picture is when I met some of my favourite bloggers/youtubers Lily and Anna. They were my inspiration to start the channel and start blogging.
The final picture is the sunset on Brighton pier how pretty is that view.


August was jammed pack with adventure, excitement and a sprained ankle. Not only was August was when I went to NCS (which is the national citizen service) I also took a trip down to Cambridge for a week and had an amazing time at the beach, in a forest and playing heads up.

I didn't even realize how busy my August was till today. I had the trips to Cambridge and my obsession with 2p machines, enough ice cream to last me ages and then we also had me watching the xfactor bootcamp auditions for the boys and the over 25's. The best moments of the month has to be NCS as we put so much effort into it and we all just went out with a laugh.


Yet again more NCS stuff during September we had weekends we had to complete to graduate well here's what happened on them....

Yes that's us in onesies.
Yes he's licking the egg.
Yes he stole her onesie.
Yes shes picking up litter.

We had to do a sponsered walk and thats what happened one of the weekends.


Yet again most NCS stuff but this time graduation. I did a whole get ready with me on this day which is on my youtube. I loved this day everyone looked so smart and pretty and it was the last time all of us were together as a whole group.

I loved this day in October it was just so pretty and I could not thought anyones choice of clothing and I got to wear a tiara so I felt like a right princess. For once on this day I felt pretty that is a rare feeling in my life but I did. I felt pretty.


Even though only a month ago I don't have any pictures for November that could be because throughout the month of november the headaches started to get worse so I wasn't really in the mood for pictures.

One moment I won't forget in November is I started my blog.


The month of christmas giving and someone that has made me have butterflies. Also there was a party a drunk night out and well festive joy.

So during december there was blogmas, the xfactor final. There was also Tal's party were I got very drunk because I'm an idiot, I also found my favorite picture of me ever.
You also had my dads birthday meal that turned out to be like 10 hours long and I didn't get home till 1am.
The heart at the end means something to me only a select few will know atm but the heart is my someone special who I found this month.....

So there you go the good the bad and the ugly all in one blog post if you've gotten this far I'm very proud.

xoxo Alex