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Saturday, February 28

New Collection Pallet Review

Hey guys,
As you may know Collection had brought out new pallets including a newest one from their Little Mix line. I have one of the 4 pallets in the new collection section and the only Little Mix pallet they have.
For starters these pallets are very pigmented like super pigmented its unreal. I prefer the one thats the bronze pallet more than the Little Mix one due to the fact I like shimmers more than mattes but the Little Mix one has two a black and a brown.
A problem with them that it the shadows are so creamy that they cause a tiny bit of fall out but it is amazing to pack on the shadow.

I adore this pallet my favourite is obviously Ochre but the problem with this pallet for me is that none of the names really suit the colours and colours names in pallets are a massive thing with me.
These shades are easily blended and just look amazing on the eye.

I seem to gravitate towards this pallet more than the other because its easier to travel with its got two matte shades and all the shimmers are beautiful. It has perfect shades for a natural eye and a smokey eye its perfect to go on holiday with. This along with my La Pallet Nude is my travel buddy.
Also these are named accordingly and that just makes me happy.

So there it is guys my thought on the new pallets. I can't wait to try some more pallets from this line.

xoxo Alex