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Wednesday, March 4

Magnitone Lucid Review

Hey Guys!
This is most probably the first skincare based post I have ever written. It won't be the last but the people at Magnitone were kind enough to let me test out their product.
Magnitone isn't expensive anyway a brush like my retails for £69.99 compared to the Clarisonic which is £155.55 on their website a Magnitone Lucid is a fraction of the price.
I have been trying out the device for just over a week now and let me tell you I am impressed. Once charged it lasts 2 weeks. Not only that it is waterproof and has a sensitive and normal skin setting.
My skin has never felt so soft.

My magintone is in pink because well pink is my favourite colour. I've been using it daily with my body shop tea tree facial cleansing wash and it really helps it seep into the skin.
The set comes with a brush, a brush head and its charger.

The brush itself is amazing. It's waterproof so I can take it into the shower with me which makes me happy because it cuts down on time. It only goes for a minute but in that minute your skin still feels a lot cleaner. Also the charger is magnetic so you have no worry about all the wires inside getting messed up due a charger hole.

I tried the 7 day challenge that says you'll have smoother and brighter skin, brighter I'm not too sure about but that is because I didn't really think I had dull skin to start with but it definately has made a change to how supple and soft my skin is for the fact that my acne has also started going down after using this device. I give it a 9/10. Lets see my opinion on it after the end of the month. Who knows it could be in a favourites.

If you want to get your own magnitone lucid. Get it here

xoxo Alex