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Friday, March 6

March Wishlist 2015

Hey guys,
As a normal monthly installment I have decided my wishlists will be a thing at the beginning of each month. Last month I think I got everything but two items off my wish list which made me very very happy. I ended up getting the Taylor Swift perfume, the red nose day Rimmel lipstick and  the soap and glory birthday box. I am extremely grateful for all my gifts from the month of February and there will be reviews on the blog for the upcoming month. I even instagrammed about how organised I am getting when it comes to the blog nowadays. I will have at least 4 posts up a week this month. Many will be prewritten and scheduled to go up seeing as I have other commitments such as school. I will have far more time in the holidays after my exams to write as many blog posts as humanely possible I might even start doingaa daily blog during my summer holidays. Fingers crossed I also get into uni in September so then there will be more school related blogs about keeping organised.

Lets get into my lust list for the month of March.

1) H&M highwaisted jeans

I am finally wanting to cave and buy some highwaisted jeans. I adore these because I love the more edgy vibe with the holes in the knees. I kinda want to do some more rockchick vibes at the moment I keep buying band tees. (only from bands I like).  I just love the look of these and you can find them at h&m.

2) Essence Cinderella Collection.

Cinderella may not be my favourite Disney princess but all the collections coming out for the launch of the new film I need. This essence one seems to be the cheaper alternative to the mac collection. (which I'm also lusting after) the thing is with this collection it seems to come with more and it was the nail polishes and the traditional Disney cartoon packaging. 

3) Ted Baker Lindar Purse

How pretty is this purse?!? It is rose gold and black and look how much space you would have when its in your handbag, I don't usually like larger purses but this one I have fallen in love with! I need it in my life.

4)  Essie Cashmere Bathrobe

This month I have really got a thing of grey nail polishes and the name of this polish really drew me to it.

5) Fleur De Force The Glam Guide 

Out of all the youtubers books that are out or coming out Fleurs is the most intriguing for me. The cover is beautiful. Its not just a beauty book its a feel good book which makes me feel happy that Fleur has decided to not just do a book and call it after her but has tried to make it quirky and amazing for all different people.

So there you go guys heres my March wishlist. Lets see what I do get this month.

xoxo Alex