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Wednesday, April 29

My top 5 lipsticks

Hey guys, 
As I have done before I'm going to be doing a top 5 post. 
Today's post will be my top 5 lipsticks all being drugstore and well surprisingly 4/5 very different shades and nearly all being different brand. 

Here's some swatches of them all. These are all with one swipe the bottom two are very similar while the second is more punk toned the first is more brown. I love them both on minimal make up days they just look so pretty and slightly Julie Jenner like.

The red is Kate moss 01 but in the Red Nose Day limited edition packaging £5.49
The middle colour is an essence lipstick in 07 natural beauty £1.99
The furthest left colour is a little mix lipstick in jade £2.99
The purple tone lipstick is a top shop lipstick in role model £8
The more pink lipstick is a collection lipstick in 3 sugar plum £1.99

All the lipsticks have an amazing formula and quite a long wear time I normally wear them with a lip liner underneath them. The topshop lipstick is most probably my fave during the winter and the red is classic for a night out. 

So there you go guys my top 5 lipsticks. 

Xoxo Alex