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Wednesday, April 1

Night On the HMS President

Hey guys,
So last Night I was invited to an event on the HMS President on the Victoria Embankment and guys this boat was beautiful!
The project to make the ship covered in Dazzle was primarily funded by the national lottery and the arts council. The Artist that was chosen to take a contemporary take on an artwork piece made out of dazzle was Tobias Rehberger the choose him because his work is about changing environments. his work is about the illusion of space and physicality.
The boat was made up of many challenges was that the boat itself moves 7 metres up and down daily. the people themselves that had to cover the boat did not work conventional hours they needed flat water so some of the people would start at 3am.
The reason they chose dazzle is because it was what they used in the war to confused German Uboats on what direction they were going. The ship originally had 6 guns and a medical center on board.

I am going to enter some of the pictures of the night. I really love how beautiful it is inside and may even have my 21st here its so beautiful.

That was just some of the items inside the boat I'm now going to show you the fantastic view.

Also I have pictures of the ballroom which has traditional ballroom flooring and it is so beautiful I would like to either have my wedding reception or birthday party here you can rent it for any occasion and they even have two bars and offices its perfect for any space.

Like how beautiful is this room its stunning I need an event here.
Last but not least what is a blog post without pictures of me and my beautiful date Ellie.

The night was beautiful and I'm so very grateful that I got to go you should check it out http://www.hmspresident.com/ 

Hope you enjoy reading 

xoxo Alex