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Tuesday, April 7

Saturday Night at Mcbusted

Hey guys,

So on Saturday night I went out with my friends Kirsty and Lizzie to Mcbusted I haven't seen either perform live in about 10 years Mcfly was my first ever concert and still to this day I fancy Danny and Harry. I thought I would give you an insight of what had happened that night and what I thought about the show.

First off I never saw the starting acts I normally never do unless its a band or act I support so we took our seats at about 8:30 and they were supposed to start at 8:45. They were late but I don't think I have ever been to a concert and the artist actually come on time like ever. They were also filming the tour for their dvd so I'm guessing so much had to be set up.

When they came on the stage was set as an interactive game machine 90's style it was amazing the set actually played street fighter as well. They started with airguitar no matter what Mcbusted still come out with the catchiest songs going I was singing them all the way back.
Like seriously how cool is this set up and its like they are playing guitar hero it was very very well thought out.

This photo is of when they came on they'd pop up from the floor and have an automatic voice over like in video games and they each had a cartoon character of themselves.

Can we appreciate that none of us panned this but we have matching converse on its like two of the shoes had a baby and made mine who shoe is in the middle.

Seeing as mcfly are named after Marty Mcfly in Back to the future it only seemed appropriate for them to have the car fly around to the middle stage. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the night I basically knew all the songs and some of the old ones were amazing it reminded me so much of my childhood it was brilliant good memories and I'm so grateful to have spent the night with Lizzie and Kirsty they made the night amazing.

xoxo Alex