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Friday, April 24

Summery day

Hey guys,
So as you may know it's been getting a lot hotter in the UK meaning outfits can be worn without rights and more pastel shades are appropriate. 
On Tuesday I decided that it was hot enough to wear just a dress some frilly socks and my black converse.
For once my gut feeling was right and it wasn't cold at all. 
My mate Shaidon took loads of pictures in the school gardens of the outfit and I thought I'd break it down for you because you can still get the dress in stores.

The dress itself is from h&m and only cost £7.99. It's such light weight material and the mint green colour is something way out of my comfort zone but I like it. 
I also like that it has a dropped back. It just gives it that flirty vibe that would look brilliant with a sleek up do.
Secondly I love the length of it. For me this is perfect length for the summer. I'm the sort of person who goes all out and when it's hot will always have her legs out.
My converse are old but they were about £40 from JD Sports.
The frilly socks I got from top shop on a deal for 3 pairs for £8 these are the pink ones.
There will be another blog post about outfits coming very very soon. 
The photos at the end were taken during sociology one of the girls in my class got bored and took them off me because I looked so calm according to her.
I hope you liked this post would love feedback.

Xoxo Alex