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Sunday, May 24

Beautycon 2015

Hey guys! 
So today's post is a bit different.
On May 23rd was Londons first ever beautycon. Which is a beauty convention.
I ended up getting last minute tickets for the event and I'm so happy I went. 
The event started at 10. I got there about 10:45 and look how beautiful it is 
This was taken later on in the day when blogging was my focuse. I was very distracted by all the booths the pictures that were being taken and the panel.
Let's just start with who was there. Company wise there was benefit, red carpet nails, priv, nyx, Liz Earle and crown brush. I wish I had gone over to the crown brush area for the fact that I need some more brushes even though I adore my real techniques ones.
The main person I wanted to meet was fleur I really wanted to meet Amelia and esteƩ but boths queues were way to long.
Here's two of the pictures from the day I loved that I was able to talk to her and mentioned seeing her on Friday for her next event. Fleur a lot of the time is my inspiration for writing because she's so beautiful. 
Next up I got my hair done in the priv booth so the next pictures I got done with lily (lilypebbles) and Anna (vivannadoesmakeup)and Sam chapman from the pixiwoo channel (also creators of the real techniques brushes) I have different hair. I'm very weird about how I think this suits me like its very out of my comfort zone it was a messy pony with curls.
I look slightly like a peacock I know. I kinda like it though. I rarely wear my hair up anymore unless I have exams but I loved that it was different. Since the last time I met Lily and Anna they had swapped. Last time I met them Anna had shorts on and Lily had trousers. It was a pleasure to meet them they are both beautiful women and I read their blogs daily. 
Sam is beautiful and I love that she's a make up artist and runs a school and creates brushes because she is very business forward but still a blogger/YouTuber. I may never be able to recreate some of their looks but I love watching her and her sister (Nic) work it's so intriguing. Not to mention they know their stuff when it comes to make up. 

Last but not least I met Becca (beccarose) I actually live for Becca's primary hauls I love knowing what's in their every month. Becca was so lovely and the person I got to speak to the most she was doing a meet up with tarte and it was lovely to talk to her about the event and just have a good old chat. We also pulled some silly faces and spoke about dogs. 
It was lovely to meet her and she looked stunning everyone did I felt a bit underdressed.
I thought I would add some spontaneous pictures in from the day it was really cool and I'm definitely doing this next year I had a blast and enjoyed it.
Last but not least I thought I would add the goodies I got. I got a sample of the Liz earle hot cleanse & polish. Also in the Liz Earle bag came a 50ml of the polish. I've never tried it before but know it's a coveted product so I cannot wait to tey it out. I also got a bag of blackcurrant millions which is what's in the purple and white striped bag that came from priv. Also while at priv I got 4 different bags of propercorn but I may of eaten 3 of them before I got home. Favourite flavour has got to be the vanilla and coconut. The best thing about it is they are wheat and gluten free and I have a friend that has those as allergies. 
Also inside the Liz Earle bag is a nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk. I forgot to take it out when taking a picture.

That was my beautycon experience I cannot wait till next year! 

Xoxo Alex