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Sunday, May 17

Glossybox may unboxing 2015!

Hey guys, 
So this is my favourite part of the month getting the monthly subscription box. I love my Glossybox I hated last year not having it for like 6 months. I have 14 boxes in total now and they are all repurposed for different things. 

This is a traditional Glossybox no themed box (the outer packaging). This months boxes theme is summers calling. 
As you open the box you get two cards one with the editiors idea for the box and a sneak peak for next month! If you want to subscribe next months come with flash tattoos!!! I'm extremely excited for this flash tattoos are a big thing at the present moment because of festivals and the summer season coming up I cannot wait to try these out.
This is what I saw when I opened the box.
Here are all 5 products I like the mixture of everything this month. 

Item one:
This is a travel size of the zerreau towel off shampoo. It's a 70ml bottle and retails for £3.99 off the website. This is a new generation of dry shampoo. It's infused with a delicate scent of Apple. You basically put it in your hair and towel off and it makes it look like your hair is freshly washed. I will have to try this out one of the hot days in summer or if I end up at a festival. 

Item two: 
Yet again another full size item! This is the mememe enchanted eye dual ended eye wand. This pencil is so creamy I cannot wait to use it in my water line as a pop of colour. This retails for £6.95.
Here's a swatch of it.
I love both tones of the blues I will use both quite avidly in the summer and I love that it has use of travel. Two different looks in one go. 

Item three: 
This is most probably the weridest thing I've been given in a glossy box this is a skin concentrate for after you shave. It's supposed to help with reducing hair regrowth and insure ingrown hairs are never a thing again. I like the idea of this as they can help get rid of shaving bumps and things like that and I get them seriously bad on my legs. This is a 30ml sample size. A full size retails for £12 the sample is worth £3.63.

Item 4: 
Another full sized item. This is an etre belle aloe Vera ultra moisturising gel. It is supposed to be a reviving gel. Gives your skin moisture to help give you a new healthy glow. This retails for £15.93 which is nice for a £10 subscription box. I cannot wait to try this. 

Item five: 
I love when you get a drugstore item in boxes like this because it's not all drugstore you still get highend products. This is part of the new collection field day collection. I love collection lipsticks and this a peachy pink some of colour is matte and I love mattes for summer. The shade I got was tulip which coincidentally is my favourite flower. I cannot wait to pair this lip colour with a simple natural eye. 
Here's a swatch.

The boxes total is: £33.49 which is three times the boxes values. I love glossy box for this reason. 

So what do you think of this months Glossybox? 

Xoxo Alex