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Friday, May 8

Little black dress

Hey guys, 
So yet again an ootd.
Today was a fully black day I didn't feel the need for colour. My colour today was in my eyes and lips. I wore a pink lip and a bronze/orange tone eye look. It's different for me but I liked it.
Here's today's outfit.

So today's dress is from new look and it's £12.99. It's a black lattice dress. I love the detail on it and how vercital it is. I could pair this with a pair of bright heels and a matching clutch with no cardigan and use the dress for a night out. When I do have a night out I will post a picture of the full outfit.

My cardigan is also from new look it was £17.99. It's beautiful lace. It just gives the outfit something different than just a plain cardigan. 
I had no accessories on today except my ring but that was a gift from my nan and I still have no clue where that is actually from.

Hope you all enjoyed this post there will be a make up related post soon.

Xoxo Alex Osman