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Wednesday, May 6

May wish list

Hey guys!
So it's that time again I love doing these posts I lust over so many products but as normal there's a perfume, make up product, clothing item, shoes and a random.

1) Hanna contrast scuba sleeveless coat- boohoo.com £18

One of the bewest crazes are these costs. How beautiful is it? The sleeveless jackets are going to be amazing for both spring and autumn where it's just that tad bit chilly and you can wear a long shirt and a pair of jeans make it beautiful.

2) Too faced chocolate solie bronzer- £25
As it get into the warmer months bronzed becomes your best friend to help to warm up the complexion. I need this statement product in my life and it supposedly smells like chocolate.

3) Ted Baker Ola suitcase-£295 

I've always wanted a beautiful sturdy suitcase and this is the one it's black so it's a statement piece and the rose gold hardwear makes my heart beat faster. It's so beautiful. If I could get anything off this list it'd be this one.

4) Top Shop limited edition 5 year make up 
Yet another set of rose gold packaging anyone else notice a theme. These are topshops best selling products in limited edition packaging. I need all 5 lipsticks I'm a designated lip junkie. 

5) wide fit d-ring ankle boots- new look- £24.99
Just because it's getting warmer doesn't mean you don't need a pair of ankle boots they look beautiful with frilly ankle socks and a nice dress. 

6) Prada Candy 50ml-£59.99

How beautiful is this packaging. I need a new spring scent which would be this one and then I can fall in love with yet another perfume.

So here's my new wish list.
What do you want off of it? 

Xoxo Alex