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Monday, June 8

Glossybox Unboxing JUNE 2015

Hey guys,

So it's that time of the month again (not that time) where I get the present to myself. My glossybox was literally dispatched on Friday and it arrived this morning (monday) I wasn't there when it arrived unfortunately I was in an exam.

This month box's value total was £29.94 (unless you add the hello fresh giftcar which brings the total up to £54.94) which is just a little shy of three times the price of the box.
Glossybox is £10 per month and £3.25 shipping. I love this box and normally it is amazing this month is a bit of a hit or miss and I'll explain why.

 As you can see its the traditional light pink box this month which I don't mind one bit I love the traditional boxes they are so fun and I think I will use this one to store my back up skincare that I have lying around. When I first opened the box nothing screamed at me which was a huge disappointment seeing as normally I want to love everything, this box is very bland compared to the last few months.

The first item that I saw (mainly because it was the biggest) was the Kueshi anticellulite booster. This is an unusual product for me seeing as I haven't yet thought about cellulite as I'm 18. I will give this a good go and see if it changes my life. I've tried the Kueshi toner which was sent in a few glossyboxes back I love the smell of that maybe this will be as good as the toner. This product retails for £14.55 and is available on their online store.

The next item was a pack of facial wipes from a brand I've never heard of called halo. I love small packs of facial wipes because I can throw them in my main handbag just in case of a make up mess up, being out too long or my little sister gets covered in chocolate (common occasion). These wipes are the travel size which retail for £1.20 which is good for a pack of 10 wipes I'll see what I think before picking up another pack.

The third item in the box is something I'm extremely curious about this is the Monu spa rosewood reviving mist. I have an obsession with my caudalie beauty elixir and I'm hoping this is similar. This size is half the actual size I like this as it will be a good size to travel with if I do end up liking it. According to the card that comes with the Glossybox this can help set make up I'm intrigued with that too. The full size (100 ml) retails for £11.95.

The fourth item that came in the box was what I knew was coming in the may box they gave you a sneak peak of this item and I actually cannot wait to try these out when it gets hotter and nearer the main summer period. These are flash tattoos and I know many that get glossybox will not enjoy these as they believe that it is an age appropriate item but I cannot wait. These retail for £6.50 and they are a glossybox exclusive which is really cool.

The last item in the box is most probably my favourite it is from a brand that reoccurs with glossybox (not that I mind) Essence. I cannot wait to try the formula of this polish the colour is called 4 ever young and its a perfect summer colour. I am beginning to love essence the more of their items I try out I cannot wait to start on this.

Overall I give the box a 3/5 because I don't know my feeling towards some of the products and I'm scared they are going to irritate my skin. I cannot wait to give you guys feedback on this month box.

xoxo Alex