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Sunday, June 28

Leavers 2013-2015

Hey guys,
So Tuesday it was a sad day I left school. I finally finished college and I hope I get the grades for university. 
So on Tuesday I got all dressed up for my leavers ceremony and took very few pictures but I will insert the ones that I did take and way too many shameful selfies I took at our drinks afterwards. 

This picture of my history class it's not all of us there are 3 more girls in my history class but they did not turn up to the even. I love this picture because it's got my history teacher in it too. He's the one in the blue shirt, he's helped me through a lot in the past two years and I'm so grateful to have had him as a teacher.

This picture is of me and the English teacher at my school. I don't take English but she was also my drama teacher last year and she's so close to my age she was amazing to talk to and kept me in book club. She's an inspiration and I can't believe I won't see her again. 

These next two are my shameful selfies but I actually liked my make up for the night and yes my hair is naturally that colour don't ask me how I have no clue. I'm wearing eyelure party lashes and rimmel provocalips lipstick in play with fire.

My dress was from the boohoo clearance and it was the last one. It was £3 what a bargain and I fell in love. I can't wait to style it again. My heels that you can't see in these pictures are from new look and they retail for £17.99 and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I went for all black because I wear predominantly black and I think it suits me. 

Xoxo Alex