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Friday, June 19

Memphis Review

Hey guys,
So last night I had the pleasure to go see Memphis the musical at the shaftsbury theatre.
First things first, I loved the musical it was very upbeat with an amazing story line and did not feel like it was going on forever.

 These are the tickets and the screen that is shown when the show first starts.

The plot is a white man from Memphis comes into an all black bar and basically falls in love with this girl. The girls name is Felicia who was played by the magnificently talented Beverly knight. Her voice is so beautiful and she sang the notes like I've never heard somebody sing. Killian Donelly played Huey who eventually falls in love with Felica and he was amazing. In July he is being replaced by Matt Cardall and you can really see him in that role.

The musical is set during the civil rights period because at one point they mention Rosa Parks and the Bus Boycott. Studying civil rights as part of my first year of history a level gave me historic background many others may not have had. It shows the actions of the towns people and how people believed that black people and white people should never mix.

The musical is based around the music side of the time and how music changed the perspectives of many different people. I said to my Nan last night that many people forget its the teenage generation is what change your the ideals of the next generation because my generation is more tolerable over everything, we are less likely to judge by anything that comes towards you.

The music itself was super catchy and I was in love. I prefer musicals a lot of the time and Memphis is a close second to my all time favourite musical Wicked. The best line that I remember the best is "You know how you know when a mans lying, He opens his mouth" I found it hilarious and so did most of the audience. It was the first time in a very long time I had seen a standing ovation in the theatre but boy did they deserve it. I was so impressed with the whole production and script of the musical and would recommend for anyone that wants a great night out to go out and see it. Being an ex drama student it was so aesthetically pleasing especially to see the band on stage which is very unusal for a play.

I had a fantastic night and I know my Nan enjoyed it too which is always a plus shes a very picky person when it comes to musicals

xoxo Alex