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Tuesday, June 30

My product empties spring

Hey guys, 
So here's a post I've never done before. My product empties. It takes me forever to get through one product coz I switch around so much so I hope you forgive me if there's not another one in a while.

So there's 10 products in total and it's all across the board from skincare, deodorant and even make up. 

1) garnier 2 in 1 eye make up remover. This was amazing but I change my make up remover all the time but it doesn't really remove my mascara. I'm currently in love with my Liz earl cleanser and it's what I will use for the moment.

2) Body shop tea tree cleanser. I use this to take off my make up before I use my Liz earl polish for my eyes and left over residue I love this stuff and even have a back up all ready. It makes my skin less acne prone.

3) body shop tea tree primer. This primer was my most favourite thing ever it kept my make up on so much longer and when I used it for special events it didn't budge at all. I want to try the body shop blur primer first before I repurchase.

4) along came Betty bubble bath. This came in a set that I got for Christmas. Yes mid year and it took me that long to use up a bubble bath. I don't really take baths I'm in the shower a lot and this bubble bath smelt amazing don't know if I'd repurchase I'm more of a relaxing scent sort of girl, prefer the lavender.

5) Along came Betty body scrub. Another thing that came in my set. After shaving my legs Id use this and then reshape the area my skin has never felt softer. I loved it so much. I will either repurchase or try a different scrub as I currently don't have one in my routine which is genuinely weird for me. 

6) Beauty UK CC cream. This stuff is my second bottle and I adore it. Perfect for the winter as its that heavy duty and covers my skin perfectly. I currently have not repurchased but will be in about September when it gets colder and I need more coverage.

7) marks and Spenser formula c. This stuff was bland. I'm not going to go into it , I just didn't like it, it did nothing for my skin and well it was also had a horrid smell for a toner.

8) right guard total defence 5 deoderant. This stuff works wonders I have problems with under arm sweat and this stuff holds up. I have repurchased but in the sensitive variety and this variety was a little harsh on my skin.

9) Nivea invisible black and white. This stuff just didn't float my boat, there was not enough wear time. It showed on two white dresses and well I just didn't like it but deoderant is particular so maybe some of you will.

10) Superdrug foaming cleansing wash. I love this cleansing wash it made my skin feel amazing and also kept my skin clear. I would repurchase but I can never find it online or in a Superdrug by me. I need it back in my life.

I hope you guys liked looking into my beauty trash.

Until next time 

Xoxo Alex