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Sunday, June 21

Top 5 Eyeshadow Pallets

Hey guys,

So here is another installment into my top 5 series I haven't done one in a while. This one took me forever to decide for the fact that I'm an eyeshadow junkie.

1) Urban Decay Naked

This is the newest edition to my pallet collection I don't know why it took me so long to get it. I love this pallet and use the majority of it. My favourite colours are definitely virgin, halfbaked, smog, gunmetal and toasted. I will eventually get the other two and the naked smokes as I love a smokey eye.

2) Collection Eyes Uncovered in Bronze 

This similar to the urban decay naked pallet but it is a more condensed version. I am in love this for travel and if I want a predominantly bronze eye and it has a mixture of shimmers and mattes.

3) L'Oreal La pallet nude in rose  

This is most probably the slimmest pallet I own but if I want a more light wash of colour and more pinky toned without looking like I have been punched in the face or crying. For £14.99 you can't exactly go wrong.

4) Sleek Pallet in storm.

Probably my most used pallet. I adore this pallet it has such great shades and well I love the bronze shades in it. The whole pallet is such a wearable pallet. With the mixture of mattes and shimmers I can make the perfect eye. None of the shimmers has chunky glitters. Such money worthy eyeshadows at £9.99.

5) Make up revolution flawless pallete

If I need to do a larger eye look and really want to play this pallet comes out. Yet again the most used eyeshadows are the bronze toned ones. another mixed pallet and for £8 it is 100% worth the money very good for a beginner to work with all different types of colours and all mostly neutral with a few shades out of a neutral girls comfortzone. 

xoxo Alex