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Tuesday, July 14

AA skincare refreshing eye gel review

Hey guys,

So this landed in my post box the other day from aa skincare*. 
Which you can check out here- http://www.aaskincare.co.uk 
Let me tell you I am super picky when it comes to make up removers and well this one is amazing.
 First of all its all natural so it's a lot less damaging to the skin than ones with loads of chemicals. It doesn't have a distinct smell and the packaging is beautiful. 

It has a pump that locks so you can control how much comes out, which I'm personally very grateful about because I have a tendency to waste products a lot so this gives me just enough. 

I tried this after a night out and I had heavy eye make up on. When I say heavy eye make up I mean, false lashes, mascara, eyeliner and a lot of glittery eye shadows and it removed it all. 

It is also paraben free which is always a bonus because that's what you are supposed to look for in a product.

I would recommend to anyone looking to try a new eye make up remover that's better for your skin and affordable. This 50ml size retails for £6.69 which I think is great value because it's not just a make up remover it's an eye gel, which is all benefits in one. 

Hope you guys enjoyed my review.

Xoxo Alex 

*this product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. Even though I was sent it my views of the product are all mine.