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Friday, July 17

Glossybox July 2015

Hey guys,

So this months glossy box is stunning. It's limited edition and the total comes up to £66.29! For a £10 box that is phenomenal! 

So the outer packaging had changed its normally grey and pink. This month it's dark blue and white. I love the attention to detail. 

The attention to the detail of this is stunning. It's definitely my favourite box of all time. I've been doing this for nearly two years and this is my all time favourite. The amount of detail in the box is stunning.

When you open the box you get the cards and the interior is covered in the French flags colours. Seeing as this is all French skin care. 

All the products this month came in the most beautiful bag. My only flaw is that the bag comes as a product and I think that's a little cheap coming from Glossybox.

Here are the four products and the bad. The bag is well made and I like the aesthetic of it all.

1)  lollipops lip balm délicieuse- £4.15
I've just put this balm on and it's really thick I'm hoping it works for me. It smells like a vanilla cupcake. Apparently it protects lips from uv damage. 

2) Noxidoxi Enhancing serum base- full size £33.46 

I haven't tried this het but I'm hoping it does good for my skin.

3) Yves Rocher Comme une evidence eau de perfume £24.50 (not full size) 

This perfume is beautiful it's floral and musky and it's perfect size for my handbag. 

4) Teoxane Cosmeceuticals perfect skin refiner (not full size) retail price- £70
This has a pump which will always make it better. I can't wait to try this out and it has spf in it.

5) Glossybox travel pouch £3.99
I'm not happy about this being part of the box but I love that it's perfect airport size! I will use it not happy about it though. 

So that was this months Glossybox 

Xoxo Alex