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Sunday, July 26

Inspiring people in my life

Hi guys, 

So today is yet again another different type of post. This is about people in my life who have inspired me these are all people I know and the reason why I look up to them. 

1) My nanny.

This is me, my nan and step grandad. My  nan inspires me because she is my rock and really is. She is amazing and so strong, after fighting breast cancer and thyroid problems my nan is still here. I don't know what I'd do without her she took me in when I needed her most and makes my day in the simplest ways. 

2) My dad 
My dad is also someone I'm inspired by. After leaving an abusive relationship and quitting smoking during that time my dad is most probably my hereo. He is extremely strong considering everything that happened to him. He inspires me to push through all my rough patches because he did and no longer smokes. 

3) Kirsty 
Kirsty inspires me because she doesn't care what she says and sticks up for herself and the ones she loves. She pushed me towards something I never thought I would do ever. She is amazing and well she's also beautiful.

4) Leanne 
Leanne is most probably my best friend and she is an inspiration because she teaches me to reach for my dreams like she does. She's just such a bright personality and amazing.

5) Evelina 

Evelina is another who has pushed through the paces and been through such a rough patch. I've been friends with her for years and it makes my heart melt, she's brilliant and talented and smart and without her I'd not be here.

There is so many people that inspire me these are just a few. Without all these people I wouldn't be here they've kept me going. I love them all.

Xoxo Alex