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Tuesday, July 21

Maybelline Master sculpt review

Hi guys,

So the other week I went into boots as you do when scouring the shopping centre nearest to me.
This little gem spotted my eye and for £6.99 I had to pick it up. I'm still new on the contour bases but I have been using this none stop.
The kit is mostly bronze and there is some highlight they are both in the pan and the master sculpt is amazing. It gives a brilliant contour and perfect amount of subtly for everyday use.
My kit has had a little mishap when I first got it hence the chip in the top of it. The lighter contour kit is 01 and it looks like the boots ones have Molly Kings from the Saturdays signature on it. I like that it makes it that little bit more collectors edition.

As you can tell the contour shade itself is very light but it gives me enough dimensions on my cheek bones. And the highlight is slightly glittery but it gives enough sheen on my cheeks and I used it on my night out make up and fell in love with it. 
The kit comes with a cute little brush that I've used maybe once but it's nice to use. I love how large the mirror is because if I need to go travelling I know I have a big enough mirror to do my make up especially if I decide to use it on the train.

So here's the review. Love how cheap this is and how much use I can get out of it before I would even hit pan. So much value for money in this kit.

Xoxo Alex