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Friday, July 10

Top 5 Single Eyeshadows

Hey guys,

I've had a hetic week but now I am back at the writing thing. I have decided that there will always be a post Tuesday, Friday, Sunday and maybe a few extra ones thrown in here and there just because there will be streaks of writing loads and where there won't be as much content as I would like.

So I'm back with another part of my top 5 series this time with single eye shadows which is what I have the least of in my make up collection so there is cream shadows thrown in. I think I own the least of these because no one single shadow catches my eye and I'm in love and if it does I normally have it in pallet form.

1) Maybelline Colour tattoo- On and on bronze

An absolute cult classic this is. So many fellow bloggers and youtubers rave about this colour and for all the right reason, this is the perfect bronze not too coppery and the perfect amount of metallic to wear it as a base or on its own. I've had days where this is all I've worn and the 24 hour stamp still hasn't been tried out but I can tell you its lasted a whole school day from 8-4 and then after school adventures that can end up with me coming in at 10 and its still on so that's about 14 hour wear which I am more than happy with that I don't think there will be a time that I will wear it more than that.

2) L'oreal colour infaillible- Bronze Divine

Yet again a metallic colour this one I was drawn to by the fact that I actually own NOTHING like it which is a first with my collection its a bronze but to me its more gold with green running through it. I adore this colour and it really packs a punch on the lids. 

3) L'oreal colour infailible- Metallic Lilac

 Another L'oreal single shadow but I do love these and this lilac shade brings out the green in my eyes. I apologise for the state of my nails in this picture I do normally paint them I don't know why they ain't in this picture. This colour is stunning and its so nice to stick in a smokey eye just to give is a bright pop of colour.

4) MUA shadow- shade 2 pearl

This colour is so pigmented for £1 it is the perfect inner corner shade without breaking the bank. I also use this shade if I want to dull down a loud colour I mix them together to get the perfect shade. A lot of MUA shadows are pigmented but I only own this one single shadow I don't know why but then again I do own a lot of their 12 pan pallets which I absolutely adore.

5) NO7 stay perfect eyeshadow- Cappucino 

This for me is the most beautiful shimmery brown I have ever come across as it doesn't have too much shimmer in it but it has enough for my liking. It has gold shimmer throughout it isn't just a spray over. I use the hell out of this when I was a college as it was such a pretty neutral eye. I need to try more NO7 shadows and products really I just forget its there when I got into boots.

So guys heres my top 5 i'd love to know about yours.

xoxo Alex