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Sunday, August 30

August favourites.

Hey guys,

So this blog post is going to be structured a little differently than normal bare with me I'm still new to this and want to try some bits out.

1) Caudlie beauty elixir- This has just helped with the sun and made my skin feel amazing.
2) Blue bumper car- This signifies my trip to Brighton it was so hot and just a fantastic day.
3) NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk- I use this as an everyday base to make the colours pop.
4) Nuxe lip balm- This is a honey lipbalm that I adore kept my lips super soft.
5) Cuckoo's Calling- This book has had me hooked even when I had no time this month. 
6) Thorpe Park- This day was just amazing with friends. Never laughed so much in one day. Got to do all the rides in the park. The queue time wasn't ridiculous. The concert afterwards was amazing.
7) Diary- This is what is keeping me in check. I have everything written down in there.
8) L'oreal foundation- I have a review check it here.
9) L'oreal primer- Amazing primer works wonders for my pores. Silicon feeling for all that do not like that. Cheap as well £7.99.
10) Portable charger- Without this thing I would never have pictures as memories. Keeps my phone going even if the battery doesn't want to. 
11)  Stay Matte Powder- Must be like my 5th one of these. I have terribly oily skin and it just keeps it all matte and gives me the look I want without being overly powdery or cakey. Such a bargain too at £3.99.

So I'm trying out my favourites differently. 
Hope you liked it.