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Tuesday, August 25

Find Out About Me!

Hi guys,

So the last time I did a fact sheet I was starting off my blog and I thought I'd add a cheeky little blogpost for the fact I haven't been around for a while and my hiatus killed me I constantly wanted to blog but couldn't because I was so busy with volunteering and other things. I will be getting back too it as I said in the last post but I also have a few hidden gems that will be posted soon. 

So here are some spontaneous facts about me so you can get to know me more.

1) I am the oldest of three. There's me my brother Reece who is currently 15 but will be 16 in November. And my little sister Poppy-Rose, she is  6 on September 23rd she is 7. (She needs to stop growing up!) 

Here is the three of us. This picture was given to my dad as a Father's Day present.

2) I have officially finished sixth form and will be starting London south bank university at the end of September. (Keep your eyes peeled for uni posts) 

3) My full name is Alexandra-Louise Hilda Osman. I get my middle name from my great nan who died two months before I was born.

4) I live with my grandparents. Well technically my nan and step-grandad, my real granddad died when I was five months old. I live with them due to the fact my mother kicked me out. 

5) I have attempted suicide. I obviously was helped out of my suicidal state. But I have a scar on my left wrist where I self harmed. I was in a bad place and I still have problems with depression and anxiety but I am fighting through them as much as possible.

6) My dad is my hero, even though I do not live with him and my siblings he was so strong in a horrible time. He was forced away from me and my siblings and I cannot date think how scary it was not knowing what was happening to your children.

7) I am a brunette. I may have had a phase in life where I had dyed my hair every colour under the sun but I haven't in two years. I'm hoping to go blonde in October so look out for blonde blog pictures.

8) I have green eyes. They aren't obvious and I've had friends for years who didn't even realise my eyes were green. I love my eye colour. 

9) I have met one direction. I am a fan a rather big one and well Niall is my favourite.
This is our most recent picture together.

10) I studied sociology history and business at a level. Surprisingly I passed all three. I hated business so I didn't do so well in that area but I am carrying on sociology at university.

11) I love to travel. As a student I can't travel as much as I want to but I love seeing new places even if it's another part of London or a new part of England I love exploring. 

12) I'm rather good with tubes. Ever since I started meeting one direction in 2011 I had to realise the tube was my best friend. There are parts of london I may have never travelled to if it wasn't for them. I also know how to get to Heathrow like 50 ways.

13) I have had braces. My braces straightened my teeth out apart from they never got rid of my overbite because I am allergic to my retainer. 

14) I have a lisp. This is due to the overbite it isn't as strong as it was but if I talk to fast you will hear it I fumble my words because I'm so self conscious of it.

15) I am allergic to latex and strawberries. Both came at random points in my life but I am allergic to both and quite severely to latex.

16) I have two sets of surgical scars. Last year I had appendicitis and they had to remove it so I have three little scars on my tummy. I also have a set of scars on my right arm when I broke it when I was 10, I fell off a see-saw while I was at the top and landed funny and had to have a seven and a half inch pin put in so i have scars from that.

17) I haven't just met one direction. I have met other celebrities such as mcbusted, little mix, Olly Murs and others all my pictures are still on my Instagram I think so go check that out. My username is xalexosmanx 

18) I am 18 years old. I was born on the 16th of February 1997. I was born in Bermondsey  London in a hospital called guys hospital. I was born at 7:55pm and I was a 24 hour labour. I share a birthday with the woman that gave birth to me. But I hate to think about her anymore.

19) I'm a thrill seeker. I love rides like take me to a theme park and I wanna do everything. For my friends birthday we went to Thorpe park and it was an amazing day nothing beats rollarcoasters and fast rides in my book. 

20) I am nothing without my friends. This year I have made leaps in myself because of friends. I have come out more as a person and really grown because of them. They keep me grounded in my times of need and also never leave me feeling bored around them. 

So I want to say a big thank you to Kirsty, Olivia. A, Olvia.G, Sophie, Jill, Lizzie,Evelina, Leanne and anyone else I missed for just being there. 

So I hope you guys enjoyed my blog post. 
Expect some more cheeky added extras now and again.