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Sunday, September 13

Freshers Do's and Don'ts

Hey guys,

So like the last post I have some freshers do's and don'ts this is going to be a quick post and just words.


  • Make friends
  • Have fun
  • Enjoy the experience
  • Look amazing
  • Plan everything
  • Take breaks
  • Prepare for uni
  • Make memories 
  • Get overly drunk you don't remember the night
  • Go home with someone you barely know
  • Sleep during an event
  • Get stranded
  • End up a hot mess
  • Get overly emotional 
  • Be the one friend that forgets their money
  • Leave your friends all alone all night

So I know it was a quick post but I did not want to elongate something that can be done so simply.
Let me know if I missed anything out