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Tuesday, September 22

My Winter Must Haves Lip Colours

Hi guys,

So I have curated a list of items that in the winter I cannot live without which is a big deal for me because products come and go in my life because I'm a blogger and a teenager.
When I think of the autumn winter period I automatically think of wrapping up warm and being able to wear jeans all the time and no one judging me for actually doing it.
Winter also reminds me that its more of a time of giving so during this period I go through all my summer clothing to make sure I am using everything and if I'm not I will donate it all to charity.

Here are my must haves.

1) Berry Coloured lips:
I am a big lover of berry lips all year round same with the nails I'm the sort of girl who will paint her nails bright blue in november I don't like to stick to certain shades in certain months but I do gravitate towards berry colours more in the autumn/winter period because I naturally associate the colours with the season. My top 3 berry lip shades are...

  1) Maybelline Colour Drama Lip pencil in Berry Much £4.99

   2) Collection Lasting Colour lipstick in number 3 sugar plum £2.99
  3) Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Forbidden Burgundy £26.00

2) The Reds.
Winter always makes me think of red lipstick especially closer to the holidays a good red lip is always needed.

   1) Mac Ruby Woo £15.50

  2) Collection Little Mix Lipstick- Leigh-Anne £2.99

   3) Rimmel Provocalips in play with fire £6.99

Well there you go guys some of my winter lip must haves I don't pull off brown nudes hence why it was not put in. Out of them all rimmels play with fire is my favourite its so opaque and kiss proof. (I have tested it out) 

lots of love