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Friday, September 11

Preparing for Freshers

Hey guys,

So if you don't know freshers is the two week period before you start university that are either parties or social gatherings so you can get ready for university and so you could know at least one person in your class.

I am preparing for my university freshers already because we had to buy tickets for events. One of the events I am going to is a boat party.

So I am going to give you a low down on how to prepare for university freshers.

1) Preplan your outfits.
    If like me you do not know anyone that is going to your university you can be cheeky and reuse     old outfits because no one at your Uni would have seen you in it.
  Or yet again if like me you have items in your wardrobe that you haven't worn so pull it out and plan an outfit around it.

2) Plan your journey.
    I am not living in university halls but living about 30 minutes away from uni so I have to make sure all my  journeys are planned perfectly because one of my freshers events start at the tower of London so I am planning around least amount of steps because I will be wearing heels and do not want to already begging to take them off before I've even got there.
The best apps for this are citymapper and tfl.

3) Control your drinking.
Just because you are in a room of absolute strangers doesn't mean your impression isn't left of them. You do not want to be known as the drunk person around university all your life because impressions stick especially with people that may never have a conversation with you again.

4) If you wear make up. Make sure it lasts.
I am the sort of person who needs make up to last, things can happen on freshers you could make out with some random person but no one wants transferred lipstick all over the persons face. Also you do not want your make up to melt of. Tips for this is use a setting spray and a primer to make everything last longer.

5) Plan your journey home.
If like me your freshers party finishes at 4am you need to know how you are getting home if its a cab, bus or someone is picking you up make sure you know what is happening so you are not panicking all night long about leaving and you can enjoy yourself.

6) Make your money last.
If like me you are getting a student loan do not make it all go on one night its not wotth being broke all the month. If you want to save money slightly predrink but you do not need to be that one person who spends £400 on one night of freshers and have no money for the rest of the semester.

7) Try and make friends.
Even though there are gonna be all new people for your life but you may meet the best people at university and at freshers someone who may dance the same way, cheer at your favourite song you may find your best friend ever at freshers, just try and talk to even one new person ever.

8) Last but not least have fun.
Freshers is about having fun and being excited for the new beginnigs in your life and the next journey to come.