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Tuesday, September 1

Starting University/College

Hi guys,

So I know for many that a big step is about to happen and it is a very big step. The transition period between secondary school to college/sixthform or the jump from college/sixthform to university is the biggest jump yet.

I myself finished college and passed my a levels I'm now about to start going to university.

So I have made a 6 point list of what to expect/do

1) Do not pressure yourself into doing something you are not comfortable with.

2) Try to evolve when you want to. When I went to college I was worried I would not adapt and make any friends but throughout the two years I did. I also have social anxiety so I'm very awkward in the beginning with new people it takes me forever to adapt but I tried a little more each day to do it.

3) Stationary is your best friend. I don't know how much I depended on my stationary because after you leave secondary school its the first thing you need as you are no longer supplied it. I was so organised and it made my school life so much more easier especially because last year I was in and out of hospital for many different reasons.

4) Try not to stress. Stress can cause so many problems in your life just take a step back when you are stressed and do something you love to keep your mind settled. This is exactly what I do because when I'm stressed my anxiety gets worse so I take a step back and listen to music.

5) Make time for yourself. When you jump into a new school you feel like everything is happening all at once. So every now and again treat yourself make it about you. I always forget this but when I have time, my me time is a bath with a lush bathbomb especially sexbomb or ittle baby bot.

6) KEEP ON TOP OF THINGS. The worst thing when you go into higher education is forgetting to do the work if you keep on top of it your holiday time makes the holiday time more worth it because you get more time to yourself and not your school work.

Hope you enjoyed this sort of post. Love you lots