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Monday, October 12

Nail Week: OPI

Hey guys,

So welcome to the first installment of nail week, EVERYDAY this week there will be a post so just wait to see my little face pop up in your notifications box many times this week.
I don't think I talk about nail polishes enough on my blog enough I'm a nail polish fanatic I own way too many that I have swatches of them all so I can choose a colour to match a dress a lot quicker.
So thee first polish I'm going to talk about is OPI's I sing in colour.

The colour is so opaque you could get away with one coat and its highly chip resistant I had it on all last week before I got bored and had to change it which I do all the time. It's the perfect fall colour because its like a deep burgundy that's mixed with like a black I am in love with it makes me feel very wintery I love that sort of weather and feeling because it means Christmas and even closer to my birthday.

So come back tomorrow for another polish post!!