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Sunday, October 4

Pink Parcel Review

Hi Guys,

So we know I adore my GlossyBox subscription more than anything its a subscription service no matter what I will always come back to.

The other week when I went to the Blogging event in Shorditch this new subscription service all based around that time of the month intrigued me like nothing else. Like many females I hate that time of the month and well this little box has everything you need. Tea, chocolate, all the stuff for down there including a Sass skin cleanser which I got a sample of and its amazing balances out the ph in your system.
Not only do you get necessities like pads and tampons you get make up items so in this box I got an OPI nail polish in such a fall appropriate colour and a L'oreal mascara, Little bits and pieces like that to make you feel so much better about yourself during that time of the month.

Not only is this box beautifully packaged the pricing is amazing. Pink Parcel retails for £12.99 you can find out all you need about the company here go check it out to see if its for you I say its for every female just to have that little extra during that time of the month.

So will you be subscribing to pink parcel?


Alex Osman