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Saturday, October 3

September Favourites

Hi Guys,

So this month is different to my normal September favourites because no actual products have wowed me that much that they have made it into this category like I have to try products out for more than 3 weeks to realise if I love or hate them I have very odd skin so I cannot judge a lot of the products I have tried out so far. I will do reviews and things like that on products that completely wow or fail me.

Where to start ey?

Lets start with my favourite moments.

1) Vernez Launch

I loved this launch! It is such an innovative app and well The founder and the girls I have met there are amazing! I also got to take one of my best friends Lizzie who's coming to another event with me VERY soon. I did a whole blogpost on the launch you can check it out here

2) The Bloggers fashion week

Yet again another bloggers event but this was just before fashion week. I loved going with Neneh she is so funny and great company. I loved working with new brands and they were all so lovely!

3) Bloggers Beauty Bar 

This was just over two weeks ago and omg it was such a relaxing experience I had such a long day and this was just what I needed a right pamper session.

4) One Direction Tour

I went to see 1D not only once but twice. It was amazing! I love seeing them live it is such a good experience even after a panic attack on the second night I went.

5) Freshers week.

Lets begin with this omg I loved freshers! So much happens you meet so many people and I got to dress up!! 

6) Meeting Serena 

This is Serena she came over for the boys concert and she is my all time favourite Aussie. She is so lovely. watching her getting her ear pierced was the funniest thing ever.

So there is some of my favourite moments this month I want to thank 
Neneh: https://twitter.com/NenehTrainer
Lizzie: https://twitter.com/xlizzieeeex
Serena: https://twitter.com/serenarants
Iren: https://twitter.com/irenouken
Amy: https://twitter.com/amyseys
Kiera: https://twitter.com/KieraMcrhule

For being amazing, Keeping up with me, being at all the events and taking pictures with me.