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Friday, October 9

The Beauty Bloggers Awards

Hi guys,

On the 4th I went to the first ever beauty blogger awards which was held in the stunning Pillar hall at Kensington Olympia, me being the worst beauty blogger ever forgot to take pictures of the hall and most of the event I did vlog it though so it is up on my youtube. The perks of being a daily vlogger everything is on tape.

The event was amazing and I am very grateful for the samples we were given the NYX goodie bag was definately my favourite but thats just beacause I have more make up to play with I was that excited I never took a picture of any of it either I wanted to rip into it and play with it all and I've been so impressed so far.

The event was amazing and congradulations for all the girls nominated and those who won.

My favourite part of the event was definitely the NYX photobooth I love a good photobooth who doesn't and the wind machine and camera actually made my skin look flawless which it definitely isn't.
How cute was the broccoli that was for a company to help with acne but as a capsule form so lets see if that can help my skin.

Maybe next year I will be nominated.
Will you be attending next year?