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Wednesday, October 7

The Pop Up Kitchen

Hey Guys,

As you may have seen in my vlogs (if you watch them if not where have you been I'm starting to be a daily vlogger) that Monday 5/10/15 was another Blogger Hangout event but this time instead of a beauty event it was a food event which I have never done before. I want to be a foodie but I am so bad at cooking it could never happen but I will always be into the beauty and the fashion because I am that sort of person and the temptation of a new lipstick or nail polish is unreal.

The event was in the same location as the Vernez Launch that I went to at the beginning of September. This food event was amazing like I've never seen so many intriguing brands. One of my best friends cannot eat gluten so finding new brands that she can use is always fun but also we got cupcakes and chocolate covered oreos I have never moved across a room so quickly.

Neats is a gluten free rice snack in five different flavours they haven't launched yet but will be by tyhe end of the month I loved how compact the packaging was and they were so tasty I would buy the brand if I saw it.

Silly Yak is the number one competitor for just roll pastry but its also a gluten free alternative so you can make those sausage or cheese and onion rolls for all or even a cherry pie.

Sweet Cheesus is a cheesecake brand and let me tell you the tasters were phenomenal I tried a peanut one and I was IN LOVE, I'm very much a cheesecake lover but mixed with peanutbutter I was in heaven.

Oh and then you get to my favourite bit of the night The La di da sweet treats. These are a real luxury of a treat sort of thing you'd buy a friend for their birthday or a Christmas treat or even if you are in a relationship an anniversary present or just so you can spoil yourself.

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