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Wednesday, December 2

Blogmas Day 2: My Twin

Hey Guys,

As most of you know I have a little sister called Poppy.
She is literally my twin and the other day me and her identically matched.
She is also my doppelganger like she looks like me when I was younger.

Here is a picture of me as a 5 year old and then I'll add pictures of me and Poppy matching and you can tell how much we match.

This is me at primary school I'm either 5/6 in this picture.

As you can tell we are very alike and I have taught her well when it comes to selfies.
My top is from H&M it also comes as a two piece and has a skirt attached to it.
Poppy's top is from George Asda I loved this top when I walked passed it at work and I was like I own that Poppy needs too.
I love her to pieces and she even let me put mascara and lipgloss on her the little bit she wanted to be like me.

do you have any siblings???