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Thursday, December 3

Blogmas Day 3: The year so far Part 1

Hey guys,
So instead of making this post in Janurary I thought I'd do it now.
I'm going to post my favourite pictures from the year and what each means to me and why.
I will not be putting them in chronological order because I do not know the perfect order anymore.

My 18th Birthday. This evening was the best day of my life. I hung out with all my friends had an amazing evening and did everything I was supposed to when you turn 18. I was with some of my closest friends who have actually made my year.

BeautyCon this was the UK's first ever BeautyCon. 
I loved meeting some of the Youtubers I look up to and have done for years.
I got to meet the lovely fleur de force who is in all my favourites.

 Topshop and fleur x urban decay.
This day was amazing.
I got to see Fleur again. I also got free popcorn, cake pops and drinks. 
I love Fleur nicest youtuber I've ever met shes so genuine and sweet.

Meeting Niall and Liam. 
I actually adored this day.
I had no sleep a concert the night before but got to see the boys.
I love the pictures from this day they were so sweet and from like every angle known to man.
Me and Niall just look like we are red carpet ready.

This post is gonna be in several parts seeing as there's LOADS of pictures and memories.