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Friday, December 4

Blogmas Day 4: The Year so far part 2

Hey guys,

So heres the second part.
I'm not including pictures the day I met Louis seeing as the picture is actually the worse thing in my life.

Meeting Evelina. 
Eve is one of my penpals and this year I finally met her. She is most probably one of my fave people this year.
She's stunning and so genuine.
I'm jealous of her amazing hair and every colour it has been. 
She's a mermaid in disguise.

Meeting Mcbusted.
Mcbusted are now no more but I have been the biggest fan of Mcfly since I remember always been a band junkie.
I loved these two days it was hilarious and so much fun when I was with my mates. 
They are sweeties and actually deserve all the fame they have.
They may all be dads or married I still fancy them.

Meeting Niall.
As you may or may not know Niall James Horan is my favourite member of One Direction.
Till this day I didn't realise I had such tiny legs and how tall I actually am.
He will always be my favourite and looked so good this day, he always looks good but this day especially.

Leaving school.
So this day was my last day of sixth form.
Never did I think I'd be at sixthform let alone graduating and finishing it.
This day was emotional for once in my life I didn't cry. 
Instead I got very drunk.
I miss everyone I went to school with they were my rocks for a lot of the time in my life.

Hottest day of the year.
I decided minmal clothing was the best decision and wasn't I right.
It was boiling for the UK.
The one day I wanted to get a tan I didn't.
I loved this little pool thing it was so cooling and kept us all cool that day.

Meeting Leanne.
She is definitely my best friend.
I cried when I picked her up from the airport.
She is always going to be my favourite person ever.
The few days she was here I have never been happier or busy.
We had busy days and we got so drunk and more than one day in a row.
No matter what this is most probably the best memory from the summer for me.

My cousins 17th.
This day was very messy.
I don't remember passed 8pm.
I love time with the other side of my family.
My cousins are so lively and I got baby cuddles.
I also love having chance to take pictures with my dad and brother.

So here's part 2.
Bring on part 3.