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Saturday, December 5

Blogmas day 5: The year so far part 3

Hey guys,

WOW I didn't realise how many memories I had this year so much has happened and I have become a bit more of a memory catcher via pictures.

Thorpe Park.
I loved this day but that is because I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie.
This day I spent with some of my favourite people.
Saw some people I haven't seen in actual years.
Got to see Connor Maynard live whos surprisingly very good.
I also got to ride the biggest rides after hours.

The vernez launch.
This was my first big blogger event.
I loved this day because I met some amazing people and got to spend time with one of my best mates.
this has sprouted my interest in hard core blogging even though I got on hiatus way too often I am getting back into the gist of it.

The bloggers fashion week.
I loved this day more than anything.
I got to meet some fantastic brands and got to meet more bloggers that now inspire me for ideas.

The calm before the storm.
This day just has memories both good and bad.

The Boat Party.
This night was my first freshers event.
It was amazing.
Yet another alcohol induced night.
This day is memorable because I've started making friends because of it.

Thats part 3.
Lets see what part 4 has in store.