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Sunday, December 6

Blogmas day 6 : The year so far part 4

hey guys,

So I believe this will be the last installment of my year so far.
I didn't realise how many pictures I have taken this year.
I love showing you all my year though.

One direction night 1.
This band get way too much money out of me.
But I do love seeing them live its normally phenomenal.

One direction Night 2.
This was a messy night.
Panic attacks and boybands mates is all I'm going to say.
Yet again another amazing show.

Adams birthday.
Yet again another alcohol induce night.
I fell  in love with this dress it gives me curves that I didn't realise I had.
This night was so funny and so unexpected how the night ended.
Drinking games are never the best decisions.

This night was amazing.
I hung out with some of my favourite people and there is a vlog to match.
I miss this day doesn't feel like its just a month and a bit ago.

Meeting Ariana Grande.
I adored this day.
Got to spend time with my favourite older person.
Shes not that old just 3 years.
Olivia is always there for me.

Meeting Niall and Harry.
Getting a Harry follow.
These two days were hilarious.
Being told off for swearing.
Getting sworn at.
Being security guards.
It dropping 50 degrees.
Seeing Harry after 3 years.

Girlie Night.
Fridays seem to become a day for me and the two olivia's.
This night we thought we were millionaires and bought clothes.
We also were at pizza hut for ages.

My cousins 21st.
This is the most recent meaning this is the last bit of the year so far.
I was so happy this night I had time with all my family.
I got to wear a top I didn't think I would.
The little bubba is my cousins child Archie.
He's so cuddly.

So what have you done this year?