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Sunday, December 27

The Christmas Food Event

Hey Guys,

So just before Christmas I went to another Bloggers Hangout event.
I absolutely adore the Bloggers hangout and Danielle who runs it is amazing for getting all the amazing spaces and the brands to come work with new bloggers.

As a blogger working with brands is a must and events like this really help get yourself out there and make a name for yourself.
The event was held by whitechapel which I love that area.
I took one of my best friends Olivia with me as my plus one. 
I love that I can bring a guest with me so I'm never fully on my lonesome.

So the first little stool we looked at was a brand called Jim Jams.
I was drawn to it for the fact I love chocolate spread.
The creator was lovely and gave us a full breakdown of  the brand and how much sugar is in popular alternatives which has put me off the brand for life.
I have been using this on my toast none stop and I love it. Best thing its gluten free.

The next little stall i was drawn to was a luxury raw artisan chocolate stall.
The company is called Cocoa By L.
Let me tell you I love chocolate but this is the type of chocolate you could not guzzle down at once.

The next stall I have been snacking on at work or when watching a youtube video.
The brand is called Dilly & wolf they are so yummy.

Another stall was a frozen yoghurt company and omg the chocolate one was heaven.

Although there was loads more stalls but i wanted to learn so much about so many brands I forgot to take pictures.
This was a brand me and Olivia really loved. 
Its called Berry White they do sparkling and still varieties for their flavors.

So That was my experience.
I adored going and checking it out.