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Tuesday, January 5

Changes In The Way I Blog

Hi guys,

So this is my first official post of 2016 so happy new year.
I am going to try and keep to my schedule more I'm thinking of blog posts to write as we speak.
I have loved blogging so far and hope you guys enjoy my work.
Over this next year there will be a lot of changes seeing as I want to travel a lot this may become a place for that at some points in the year.
I really want to get into fashion posts so wait for more of those in some beautiful locations not just in London but hopefully some locations around the world.
Also this year exppect some more posts on like more skincare and routines that I stick to.

I will be doing packing posts and travel posts
Ideas like
  • Whats in my hand luggage 
  •  What do I take on a weekend away
  •  Whats in my travel make up bag
  • What am I taking to New York (yes that is happening)

Expect a hell of a lot more hauls and vlogs being added to the blog because I will be doing a lot more shopping and I will be showing you all.

I cannot wait to see how the year pans out and hopefully  I will be able to work with some new brands and keep you all up to date on new trends that are happening over the year.
I will be planning more so I will always have more posts and they will always be ready seeing as I work and I have university I will be scheduling more posts but I will be active on all my social media so if you do want to get hold of me hit me up there.