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Tuesday, January 19

Doll White Whitening Strips

Hey guys,

So the beautiful team at Doll White were kind enough to gift me their whitening strips and let me tell you I am very surprised at how much I like them.
I am very sensitive about my teeth ever since I was little because I suffer from an overbite, I have had braces in the past but I ended up being allergic to my retainer which sucked so my overbite came back which also leads to me suffering from a lisp.
There are many pictures of me smiling but I will always  edit my teeth to make them look whiter and I've always kept good care of my teeth I just ended up them not being as pearly white as I would like.
Then Doll White Came Along.

These little strips can be used daily but I have been using them every other day and have been seeing some results.
I will keep you updated how white my teeth go with a little update next week.
I am in love that I can put them in after I have brushed my teeth edit a blog post and some pictures and they stay in place.
The process only takes 30 minutes so I do it of a morning some days and sometimes just before I go to bed and watch an episode of New Girl.
It comes with both a top and bottom strip so you can do your whole mouth.
I seem to prefer the strips because I can do a lot while they are put in.

You can check out Doll White here they do 14 day, 28 day kits starting at just £18.99 such a good price to get a whiter smile.

Whats your opinion on whitening strips???