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Friday, January 22

Sweet Cheesus Review

Hi guys,

So this is a different post for me but I want to do different this year because well I love experimenting and want to know what you guys want and want to read.

Today is one that is a big deal for me.
I am a massive sweet tooth it is ridiculous, I can be at work and eat at least 3 bars of chocolate in the space of 30 minutes when I'm particularly craving sugar.

So back in October/November I went to a food event and well this brand was there and all I remember is how in love I was with the taste and how filling they were as a dessert.

I got to try 6 of the flavours and let me just tell you every one is as delicious as the next.
My favourite of the bunch is definitely either the cookies and cream flavour or the apple crumble. The apple crumble one was the perfect mix of fruit and crumble topping in a cheesecake.
I'm going to America in late august and cannot wait to try cheesecake factory cheescake.

Sweetcheesus is only available in certain stores and you have to check out their websites here
Check these beauties out they are amazing and if you have the cheese cakes these are a literally a little bit of luxury and I recommend them no matter what.

Alex Osman