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Friday, February 12

BirchBox February 2016

Hey guys,

As many may know February is my birthday month. So anything good that happens for me normally happens in February. Few that have already happened already.

This months Birchbox is no exception of what goodness comes in February.

This Months theme was shine bright like a diamond.
There was three varies of this box mint, silver and pink.
I am quite happy with the mint box its so cute.

 This months little bag is blue.
I keep these because they are nice when I'm sending gifts to other countries.
I also love the drawstrings as I can put my underwear in it when I go away.

The first item I pulled is this beauty.
I am a make up brush junkie.
Okay I'm a complete make up junkie.
Make up brushes are my weakness especially if they are this beautiful.
This is the spectrum powder brush.
It retails for £7.99.
It is tapered at the top.
I think it is going to be perfect for baking. 
I cannot wait to finally use it.
It is so soft and beautiful. 
Translucent powder only I cannot ruin this brush.

The next item I pulled out I'm very curious about.
This is the Delarom aquaform creme.
A full size of this which this is not retails for £34.
The cream is supposed to restore the skins elasticity.
I know I'm only 18 but I love products that make my skin look healthier.

The next item took me forever to photograph.
This is the Parlour Blow out spray.
I am so lazy when it comes to blow drying my hair.
I normally wash my hair of an evening and let it dry over night.
I have also cut a few inches off my hair so its a lot quicker to dry.
The full size of this retails for £18.
I want to try it and see if it gives my lifeless straight hair some volume.

The next item I've wanted to try for a while.
This is the Balm frat boy.
It is a teeny tiny size of a matte pink blush.
I am in love it gives such a natural look on your cheeks.
The full size of this retails for £15.50.
It has cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure.
I cannot wait to try more from the balm.

This is what I was waiting for.
When Birchbox sent me the email saying we were getting a love of colour eye pencil I got excited.
This brand is made by the one beauty guru I trust about make up.
This is made by glamlifeguru over on youtube or Tati.
She is a make up artist.
She does videos 4/5 days a week and every Wednesday do a wtf Wednesday on a high end item to see if they are worth it.
This is the colour perfect cents.
It retails for £8 and the past two days I have been wearing it on my eyes.
I love this shade and may have to get the lipsticks to match.

Did you get this months Birchbox??
What subscription service do you think I should get???
What brand should I do a post on???