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Wednesday, February 3

Coppafeel Charity Dodgeball event

Hey guys,

On Monday the 1st of February I went to the London Olympic Park and the copper box arena with my two best friends who are coincidentally are both named Olivia. We attended the coppafeel charity disco boobball event.

Coppafeel is a charity that promotes young women and women of all ages to make sure to check their boobs for any changes because that is normally what can help you identify breast cancer even if its a small lump or a new bump any change needs to be consulted with your doctor even if for a precautionary element.

This is the link to the coppafeel website take your time and read the founders story she is an amazing inspiration and such a strong woman.

Coppafeel Website.

Firstly we got incredibly lost on the way because none of us have ever been to the Olympic park and let me just tell you if its cold and dark and stupidly windy you will get lost trying to find it no matter how hard you try.

When we arrived we gave in our names and then started to wander. We made a gif and if I can get it to my twitter you can check it out here

Next we got glittered you donated £5 to get your face covered in glitter and all proceeds went to the coppafeel charity so I was immediately like yes I need to get this done.

As you can tell I got a black glitter. I was feeling the black as I had an all black outfit on and well I love the colour black. The glitter was done by a company called glitter lips who do festivals and things like that. Let me tell you this stuck to my face and was easy to wash off. I would love to have something like this on a night out and look fabulous.

I thought I would add my abundance of selfies that I took thanks to the lad I am talking to I was sending loads back and forth and felt myself in some of these.
The event was hilarious and watching Russel Howard, Mario Falcone and Tom Fletcher play dodgeball is the cherry on top of a really good day.

Make sure you check those boobs ladies and fellas because this year alone 400 men will be told they have breast cancer and 50,000 women.