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Friday, February 26

My 19th Birthday Week

Hey guys,

So last week not only was it my birthday I seemed to have had a Birthday week.
I celebrated nearly every day of the week in some sort of way starting that Sunday.

So the first day was valentines day and I went to see dead pool with the other half not before being spoilt with roses and chocolates. He didn't have to get me anything but he did and let me tell you these flowers were beautiful.

I may have shed a tear because I did not expect anything.

The next day I had university and went for a small meal with my girls.
I'm so bad at remembering pictures so theres like one of me.

So I may have mastered the head tilt pose.

The next day was my actual birthday that was jam packed.

Don't believe I took enough selfies.
This is because of what happened on the wednesday.
It was very jammed packed with a spa like day.
I dyed my hair and also got a spray tan and my nails done.

It's not blonde blonde its slightly more ginger but I am so digging the colour.

The next day was the thursday and well I may have taken one too many selfies.

Can you tell I was digging the new colour with the red lip?

Next day was the Friday where my mates got to meet Jamie.
I was both nervous and excited about this day.

I am in love with these pictures even if he hates them.
Yes I do have heels on and yes he is like still 4 inches bigger than me.

The final day was the saturday where I went out fully dressed up and got drunk.
Another night of clubbing with just my two best mates.

So yeh that was my birthday week.
All my dresses came from either asos or boohoo.
If you want full outfit and face posts please let me know.

Thanks for reading