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Sunday, February 7

Whats on my night stand?

Hey guys,

So this is a little bit of a different post but I wanted to show you what I am keeping on my bedside table.

I thought that every few months I'll show you what gets changed around and what I have kept.

This is what my bedside looks like.
I have no clue where the actual draw set is from its my nans and I believe its older than I am

The first thig on my side is this pink wire its my iPhone charger cable.
I broke my last wire at work and replaced it with this Polaroid one I am loving it.
The items behind it are my newest book purchases. I do not talk about my love of books enough on my blog and well this is my newest little collection.

Next to these are my current nail polish choices.
Opi: I sing in colour
Barry m: matte top coat
Sally Hanssan: Hard as Nails base coat.
Mua Little things nail polish (limited edition)

The last few items is this soda plastic bottle that I use for water.
Also two little hair bands are on my side because I wear my hair up to bed and to work a lot of the time.

What lives on your bedside??