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Sunday, March 20

The bloggers Hangout Event

Hi Guys,

So a few weeks ago I went to another Bloggers Hangout event.
I am so grateful that I get the chance to go to these events there's another on on the 21st I cannot wait to take my new camera out and take loads of pictures. That and Jamie (My boyfriend) is coming at my plus one so I am very excited.

The event was full of amazing brands and I loved them. I love working with brands and hoping to work with more soon. I love just networking and seeing brands.

The event was in a place in hoxton. It was in like an underground tunnel and it was stunning. Just walking round and seeing all the fellow bloggers is amazing.

I love all the food and drink brands.
My mate Neneh vlogged it all you can watch it HERE so enjoy seeing me slightly tipsy.

I love you all