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Tuesday, April 12

The Bloggers Fashion Week

Hey guys,

So on the 21st of March myself and the other half had the delight of going to The Blogger Hangouts fashion week event and the opportunity to go to both the lunch time and evening session.
It was hidden away at Provision Studios in Hoxton which is this quaint little building that is hidden under a railway bridge. It was an absolutely picture perfect location and guess what I didn't do? TAKE PICTURES.


After taking copious amounts of out fit of the day pictures (blog post to follow) we headed inside where we were met with Headjog a hair styling brand that focuses on hair care tools. I was met by the lovely Yorkshire team and got very beautiful curls done by the stylist named Tom. I was so impressed with the results my hair never stays curly and it actually did I'm thinking about getting a Headjog piece now because the master of the curls looked stunning. You can purchase headjog on Beautybay. You can check them out here they are super nice and such quality products.

How beautiful does my hair look?!?! The last picture is courtesy of Jamie he wanted to get one of me looking weird seeing as he had spent half and hour standing around taking pictures of my hair. I absolutely loved my hair and it still felt soft. I want to thank headjog for giving me a good hair day.


Amie is an all natural skin care brand and since the event I have tried a few of the products. I didn't like their wipes as much they were very dry and did not take off my make up as well. However the facial washes and micellar water are amazing. They have a daily exfoliater that is amazing it has really cleared up my skin and has amazing ingredients it also smells amazing.

The curl company is a company this is a brand predominantly targeted as girls with naturally curly hair to help them lose the frizz. I have naturally straight hair but I love a company that helps those with curly hair.

Sensationail is a brand that I have heard of before they are a gel manicure company at home. I already own one of their kits and this year they brought out a nail polish transformer kit. I believe this is a fantastic idea for the fact that it transforms your favourite nail polish into a gel manicure.
Lab2 is a brush brand and let me tell you the brushes are phenomenal. They are so soft and amazing quality and they are in the same price range as the real techniques brush so they are a bargain.

Annie haak is a jewelry company that has really innovated stackable bracelets and rings they are pure gold banded jewelry and have absoloutely stunning pieces. I am lusting over a few of them.


Lava shells is a company I had already met so I let jamie have a try. They are hot shells that last a while and are good use to relax. They are like hot stones but last longer. I absolutely adore them and now Jamie does too. I am gonna have too book us both a session very soon.

 Stvdio is a brand that was literally good enough to eat. They make soaps and bath bombs and let me tell you they smell phenomenal. I've used a few up now and I want more. They are on par with my lush bath bombs that I absolutely adore. 

A brand that I will never forget the tv advert for. These drinks were amazing so tasty like literally I loved them. My favourite was the peach one while Jamie's was the cloudy lemonade they were so sweet but healthy.

Thumbs up is a designer nail wrap company. They are so cool and easy to apply. I have so many sets now that I have purchased.


Jones and Jones is a Fabulous clothing brand I was lucky enough to see the fashion show that went along with the company and let me say I lust after all the pieces in the collections especially a dress called margot just need an excuse to wear it.

Brands to mention that gifted us but I forgot to take pictures of.

Paul Mitchell
Who were lovely enough to gift us both a hair care kit that was full of travel sized products which was amazing.
Kenneth Turner
Who gifted me a room spray that smells like cake its phenomenal and I'm already nearly out.
Leighton Denny
Who were phenomenal enough to gift me a gorgeous perfume to use on the day to day and a tanning lotion that I have not had chance to use as of yet but also a lipstick and lipstain that let me tell you smells amazing.

xoxo Alex