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Sunday, June 26

Day at Colchester Zoo

Hey Guys,

Just over a week ago I got the opportunity to go to Colchester Zoo. It was a treat from Jamie seeing as it was his time off work and he wanted to go out and I had hinted I would like to go to the zoo. I have not been to the zoo for years an absolutely adore seeing the animals. This post is just going to be pictures I took through the day.
The zoo is beautiful and we had stunning weather. It is definitely somewhere I would go again and recommend to everyone. We went and it was quietish apart from the random school trip and loads of younger children walking around with their parents. It was a brilliant day out and I cannot wait to share with you mine and Jamie's adventures over the next year and a bit. We have quiet a few days out planned and a trip planned for his birthday in January. I am very excited.

Thank you for taking the time to share my day with me.
Wait for the next adventure.