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Monday, June 27

Day At The Farm

Hey guys,

So around my local area is a inner city farm called surrey docks farm. I love it so much. My little sister does not get to go out that much because shes only 7 but since brownies and when she is out with me we are able to let her explore a bit more so me and Jamie took her out to the farm.
This farm is charity run and it is beautiful and not only does it have programs for children and people with disabilities they run workshops and items to help build your own vegetable garden in the city even on your balcony.

If you want to check them out do so here  They are worth visiting it is free but do make donations to help this gorgeous farm live on.

So this is my beautiful baby sister.
The day we went it was both sunny but slightly chilly hence the cardigan.

We first saw the guineapigs and rabbits sorry for the poor quality pictures.
It was so hard to get a good picture of them.

Next was the sheep. She was still pregnant hence why she was kept alone.
She needed the time to breathe.
We saw it in spring so new bunch of lambs on the farm soon.

The donkeys were having a graze. If you click the link at the top you can adopt one.

Next were the pigs.
I love pigs and I find them so cute.
It was too hot for them it looks like.

The farm has an enclosure you can go into.
They also do feed for the goats and chickens.
I love feeding the goats.
Look at the baby lambs how cute.
Also all money for the feed helps make the farm grow so I always buy at least 2 bags.

The farm also has ducks.
They use their eggs in their cafe so you get fresh eggs from the ducks or chickens.

The farm is by the River Thames.
So not only do you get a beautiful view you get to see the river.
There is also a Poppy posing with everything.
She has decided she want to be a vet and fashion blogger at 7.

Outside the farm there are steel animals.
All casts of the animals that live in the farm. 

Have you been to the farm recently??